Cassie MacDonald

Howdy! My name is Cassie MacDonald and I am a print designer and illustrator based in the UK with a specific love for surface pattern. I am currently in my final year studying at Winchester School of Art.

My work is very textural and playful and I always like to have a very handmade, collaged feel to it. I rely heavily on colour, often mixing collage, lino printing, screen printing and gouache paint as well as digital tools to create my designs. I find myself continually trying to push the boundaries between the abstract and the illustrative conversational and how these can work together to create repeat patterns as well as placement designs. I also enjoy creating characters to use in my designs as well as stories to help bring my prints to life.

Come say hey and keep up to date with my work with behind the scenes peaks over on my Instagram - @cassmacdo

For any enquires please contact: